Who we are

ETCAG acts as a "energy refill station" for members (facilitator, councillor, film editor, community-green advisors, teacher) who tend to have their own environmental actions. Individuals report on their personal environmental activities. If they need support, members of the group assist. ETCAG was created in 2001.

ETCAG has received awards from Green Toronto, East York Blooming, and Clean & Beautiful City

What we do

  • Greening areas in east Toronto i.e. boulevard on Strathmore at Woodbine TTC subway station
  • Eco Fairs in east Toronto
  • No Vehicle Idling education – banners, bumper stickers, brochures
  • Promotion of renewable/alternative energy wind and solar energy
  • Environmental film screenings
  • Lobbying/letter writing/policy papers for elected officials on topics such as expansion of nuclear electricity generation, gas and oil pipelines, dismantling the Gardiner Expressway, etc.

We support

  • Improving energy efficiency of homes, businesses and public buildings
  • The enhancement/prioritizing of public rapid-transit systems for the GTA
  • Closing coal-fired and nuclear electrical generating stations and replacing them with green, renewable alternatives
  • The expansion of bike lanes and paths
  • The greening of the city to increase natural and unpaved areas, and improve local air quality
  • Full implementation of the Kyoto Protocol